One Hour Profit is not a secret method of getting rich. But, it is an easy to learn, simple way to double your money… every day. How much can you make? It's up to you. If you decide you need $100 today, then begin with $100. By the end of the day you'll have $200... half of which is profit. If you have $40, turn it into $80. I'm not saying you'll get rich. But, I do guarantee you will double the amount you started with.

So, what do you get for $24.95? You get a five page ebook with plenty of photos. An ebook is a digital file which is emailed to you. The One Hour Profit ebook is a .pdf file. The email you receive includes a .pdf application from Adobe, just in case it's not already on your computer. The eBook is all inclusive. There's no come-ons or up-sells. It is all you need to double your money every day. You will probably read it once and never read it again because it’s that simple.

But, there is a condition you need to know: you are going to have to walk into a casino even though you will not be gambling. It doesn't matter if you've never set foot in a casino before. That's not important. But, while there, you will place one bet, immediately double your money, and then leave. You won't need to talk to anyone or do anything but place your one bet... then go home. That bet could be $10 if you decide. Or, it could be $500. It's totally up to you.

But, you do need a real casino to take advantage of this easy strategy. Are you near a riverboat casino, or an Indian casino, a floating casino? Are you going on a cruise ship? Or, are you within driving distance of a traditional brick and mortar casino? Luckily, almost every state in the U.S. has some kind of casino. Most have quite a few.

You do not need to know anything about gambling because you will not be gambling. Actually, with this method of profitability, gambling is highly discouraged. The eBook you will receive won’t discuss gambling. No craps, or baccarat, or poker. No counting cards or cheating in any way. You can have a Harvard education or be a high school dropout. It doesn’t matter because One Hour Profit works for everyone, every time.

And here’s one more thing you should know: Not a single person who has purchased the One Hour Profit method has ever said “I don’t get this,” or “this doesn’t make sense,” or “this didn’t work for me,” or “this is too complicated”, or “I want my money back”. Nobody.

If you are human, you probably have doubts. All I can tell you is that I used this method several times a week for a decade and I'm now retired in Hawaii. Executing this method has allowed me to build my dream house on a black sand beach in Hawaii. But, there are no casinos in Hawaii. Not one... of any kind. So, I'm done. It's time to let others benefit from this easy system. I tried to make One Hour Profit affordable at $24.95. I wish the price was even lower, but advertising costs money and the credit card companies take a pretty good chunk. That radio spot you heard wasn't free.

So here's the deal. Take a chance and spend the $24.95. Read the ebook. Drive to a casino when you get the opportunity and only take $25 with you. Execute my simple method. You will walk out with $50. Now we're even. This purchase didn't cost you a thing.

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